A Colorful Luncheon

20121218_BUCHANAN_Italian Lunch_01

After a morning of budget meeting and granola-eating (the breakfast at our hostel is fantastic –– Brazilian fruit alone is worth the trip down here) I spent some time calling contacts and sending emails. After a few hours of work, the group that stayed back at the ranch today decided to go seek out some lunch. Most went to the grocery store to buy supplies for the kitchen, but Brian and I were too starved to wait it out. We went down the street to a small area of shops, most of them brightly painted and occupied by brightly-dressed patrons.

20121218_BUCHANAN_Italian Lunch_05 20121218_BUCHANAN_Italian Lunch_04

We found a tiny Italian restaurant that had a line going out the door –– Brian saw it as an indicator of the quality of the food there, and he was spot-on in that assessment. We waited for a table and were eventually lodged into the corner with neighboring tables packed with people just inches away from us.

20121218_BUCHANAN_Italian Lunch_03

20121218_BUCHANAN_Italian Lunch_06

We got some Cokes served with lime and a special Italian salad (that wasn’t much of a salad so much as it was a plate of salted meat, mushrooms and tomatoes served with fresh mozzarella balls). For our main dishes, we ordered and subsequently devoured lasagna bolognese and fettuccine verde respectively. The food was incredible, but it was nice to get away from the cramped and sweaty scene around our table once we were finished and peruse the vibrant streets. Looking forward to even more Brazilian delicacies as the trip goes on.

Thanks for reading, folks. Keep checking back with us.

–– Kat Buchanan

2 Responses to A Colorful Luncheon

  1. Uncle Doug Schutte says:

    What a wonderful mission for the Holidays! This opportunity is a blessing that can unite and inspire all who participate. Pictures are indeed worth more than a thousand words!

  2. K. Linck says:

    Hey Kat! AK here. Beautiful pics & great commentary-looking forward to more!

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