Avenida Paulista from above


I spent a few hours tonight on the roof of an 11-story building overlooking the intersection of Avenida Paulista and Avenida Brigadeira. My intent was to get a photo of a motoboy speeding through traffic from above.

With the help of a fantastic Candian-born, Brazilian-raised journalism student named Ana, I gained access this afternoon and returned this evening to see how it looked in better light (it ended up being overcast, as I assume it will be most days).

Initially, the super of the building was unsure if he should let me up to shoot – his concern was that the photos would be published somewhere and he would get in trouble for allowing me access. After a lengthy conversation that I understood only random words of, Ana bet him 10 reales that they’d never see the photos no matter how hard they searched for them. Like that, I was in.

I hope they don’t find this blog.

The view, as you can see above, was incredible. It seems that the city goes on forever – the metropolitan area of São Paulo contains somewhere near 18 million people. I’ll be heading back to the roof at least one more time, as I didn’t get the image I wanted. But spending two quiet hours alone on the roof of a building overlooking a busy, foreign city isn’t the worst way to spend a few hours on the last day in the Mayan calendar.





Thanks for looking.



2 Responses to Avenida Paulista from above

  1. At least it wasn’t raining……

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