Wandering Faria Lima


I spent my afternoon wandering São Paulo in the Faria Lima area, looking for an open repair shop or any interesting scene involving a motoboy.

After a bit of searching in a misty rain, I came across an auto shop with a lone bike being worked on.


The three men in the shop were very friendly, offering me the best coffee I’ve ever had and letting me hang around while they replaced a broken tube on the back tire of the bike. Motoboys, who make little money to begin with, must pay for all repairs, as they own their bikes personally.

Lastly, under a bridge I came across a motoboy parked to avoid the rain while he checked his map for directions. He then whipped out a bright orange comb and spent a minute or so checking his appearance in his mirror.

I’m waiting on hospital access and permission to follow the firefighters’ emergency response team to the scene of accidents for this story to get going with the really impactful images. I think it’s safe to say that Christmas has slowed everything down for nearly all of the group’s stories. By the middle of this coming week, things should pick up.


Thanks for stopping by.


One Response to Wandering Faria Lima

  1. Hmmmm. Sounds like an umbrella didn’t make the packing list! Love the picture of the motoboy looking at himself in the mirror. Glad you love the city….and the good cup of coffee. It’s going to be hard to come back to Folgers, huh?

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