The real urban jungle

Happy Holidays to everyone back home! I miss you all and hope you’re having a great winter break! Today Nicky and I went on a two-hour bus ride to find some farmers in the Landless Movement. They live on the only urban MST farm in Brazil. We met about a dozen people and nearly a dozen geese, turkeys, chickens, cats and a couple of dogs as well. One of the houses we went into to ask more questions about the Landless movement was also the home to many newborn baby chicks and they roamed freely about underneath my legs as we asked questions and exchanged phone numbers.



After checking out what was going on the garden behind one of the small homes, we were offered lunch from the garden. The interesting thing here is, these farms are located on top of an old landfill. For 10 years these farmers have lived on this land, now claiming it as their own. The government wants it back but Brazil has a rule about squatters rights, letting the farmers stay here for now.


Back to lunch, it was the best lunch i have ever had. My own mother can vouch that i never eat lettuce, but I had a couple of platefuls of the leafy greens with rice and beans to top it off. What was even better was the chicken wings. I had a fleeting thought in my head as to whether the chicken was hours fresh or minutes fresh. It tasted like minutes to me.


Feliz Natal!


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