Graffiti on Christmas

Christmas in São Paulo was different than I expected. I spent the day with Pixação artist Yago Assunção de Souza’s family. But the holiday here was less of a family affair and more like a giant block party, at least in Yago’s part of town. People danced in the street and roamed freely from house to house, sharing food, drinks and laughter.

After meeting family and friends, we walked up the block to Nilson Matias’ home, where Yago and Nilson mixed paint and started a full-scale painting. They both elaborately signed their nicknames while sipping beers and smoking cigarettes. Eventually, they hope to paint the entire wall above Nilson’s house, in an attempt to beautify the neighborhood.

After about two hours of painting, the wall is nearly finished.

After about two hours of painting, the wall is nearly finished.

We then left Nilson’s house and headed to a number different locations, where tagging was a bit more dangerous. In a dress and sandals, I hopped fences and climbed buildings, trying to keep up with the boys.


I’m not sure whether or not I’ll continue following Yago’s story, as I started another piece on trash collection today. Please check back for updates!

Until next time,

Cara Wilwerding.

About Cara Wilwerding
Cara Wilwerding is a senior journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She grew up in Omaha, Neb and started her journalism career at Omaha Westside High School. She writes for the Daily Nebraskan’s arts and entertainment section in addition to taking photos. She’s also traveled to São Paulo, Brazil, for a similar photojournalism project with the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. This summer, she will work as an editorial and multimedia intern for, float down the Niobrara River and play a fair amount of ultimate frisbee. After graduating next spring, Wilwerding hopes to continue writing and photographing for an arts and entertainment publication.

One Response to Graffiti on Christmas

  1. These pictures are great! Love the paint roller one, and the one of the man standing on another’s shoulders. I love following all the work that you guys are blogging!

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