The lunch hour


Today, I spent the lunch hour at Master Boys, a motorcycle courier service near the Faria Lima metro station.

The lunch hour (from about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) is the main break time during the day for motoboys, and they make the most of it. They park their motorcycles inside the gate of the office and rinse the morning’s sweat off, eat lunch and sometimes nap.


Despite the danger they put themselves into with each delivery, they all seem lighthearted about it. Everyone in São Paulo is aware that at least one motoboy dies per day (some say two, even three die a day), but even kids are taught that motorcycles are cool. I passed by a child playing on a toy motor(tri)cycle on my way to the metro this morning.




And I learned today that you don’t disturb a resting motoboy’s sleep. You might get a shoe thrown at you if you do.


Lastly, I finally made contact with Luciene, the only motogirl employed by Master Boys. She was very kind, but I could tell she was tired. She’s agreed to a video interview on Saturday, and I’ll be spending more time with her in the coming week.


Hospital Clinicas has essentially turned me away from photographing in their physical therapy ward – a complete 180 from what they told me five days ago. Apparently, authorization will take longer than the time I have left in São Paulo. I’m pursuing a backup through another NGO of sorts, and will let you know how the meeting with them goes tomorrow.



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  1. Hope that your hospital contact comes through……good work, Andrew.

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