From above

Last night I had the opportunity to take photographs from atop one of the many skyscrapers on Paulista Avenue, thanks to Andrew Dickinson, who needed roof access for his motoboy story.


Being high above the streets was the first chance I had to truly grasp how huge this city is. It doesn’t matter which direction you look toward, there are too many skyscrapers to count.


There was a light rain while Andrew and I were up on the building, so I figured finding some sort of rain feature photo was necessary. I messed around with probably a dozen different shots before taking this frame. It’s rare to go a day in Sao Paulo without rain, and when it didn’t rain for nearly two days this week, we all started to miss the rain.

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I am a 21 year-old student of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My website portfolio is at

3 Responses to From above

  1. Mauricio Feitosa says:

    Funny blog, not demeaning to Brazil at all. I think i will do one photo blog too, i will call it “searching for USA”. First, i will take a camera and go to the housing projects in cities like NYC, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Fresno, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Camden, Newark and so . Then i will go to the Southern states, and i will take pictures from the trailer-parks in the so-called “blue meth heaven”. Then i will go to sunny California, and show the good life on the ethnic neighborhoods in LA and surroundings. And in the end, i will go to your hometown, Nebraska, and take pictures of the ghostly city downtown, where no human being has walked over the past 40 years. It will be great, right?

    • Hi Mauricio,

      My name’s Andrew Dickinson, I’m a senior photojournalism student and am on the Brazil trip along with Matt.

      I understand your concern.

      But to be clear, we are working on this project through an endowment specifically for documenting issues of poverty around the world. Past trips through the same endowment have gone to Kosovo, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and India. And, we’ve also done two trips focusing on Nebraska – one on the vanishing migrant worker trade and its effects on economies in western Nebraska and one on the effects of the recession in small-town Nebraska. If you’d like to see any of the previous work, please visit

      Our purpose is not to show the entirety of Brazil, or even just São Paulo, in three weeks. That would be impossible. We are here to give a voice to those without one.

      I would encourage you to do reportage on issues going on inside of the U.S., as many journalists already are. But we’ve been given this opportunity to travel internationally and share stories of those struggling. We believe that this work is important.

      I hope this helps clear things up, and I hope you learn something from the blog.

      – Andrew Dickinson

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