A story for another time

Yesterday was my last day at the Garrido gym. They are closing it down until January 6 for Christmas break. Which is too bad because things were going well and there seemed to be a good story lying underneath that viaduct.

Things like this happen though, it happened to me in India, and it will probably happen in the future too. Now i’m back to the drawing board to a new story. Stay tuned for what will be a better story.

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Searching São Paulo

For the last two days, my translator, and all around good guy, Slash, and I have been searching through this huge city to find one man, Nilson Garrido.

Garrido started a boxing academy and weight training gym for people who cannot afford a gym membership underneath a bridge in São Paulo. The only issue was, everyone was telling Slash and I that it was underneath the wrong bridges.

We walked over 12 miles, uphill then downhill then uphill in the rain and then downhill in the pouring rain, on Wednesday peeking under overpasses and asking mechanics, internet cafe users, boxing club employees and anyone else we would find where to find Garrido.

Yesterday, we found him. Here are some pictures from last evening.


Felipe Silva, left, wraps his hands in preparation to train as Anderson Assuncao watches his boxing form in a mirror underneath the Viaduto Alcantara Machado. (photo by Matt Masin)


Anderson Assuncao, 21, warms up for a training session by hitting punching bags. All equipment at Garrido’s gym was donated. The punching bags were courtesy of a television program. (photo by Matt Masin)


Anderson Assuncao and Felipe Silva share a laugh while training at Garrido’s gym under the Viaduto Alcantara Machado in São Paulo.


Patricia Estambone is one of about five girls who trains at Garrido’s gym. She lives near the gym and was asked by her cousin to join her at the gym. Patricia is two months into her training at the Garrido gym. (photo by Matt Masin)


Jorge Marcelo Soafes picks up speed as he continues a training session at the Garrido gym. Soafes works near the gym and has utilized the weight training area Garrido started for two years. Soafes has only been boxing for about a week, and started to box because it was free. (photo by Matt Masin)

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